Essential Moving Supplies You’ll Need for a Smooth Move

Moving homes is no easy feat, and it can feel overwhelming when you're faced with the task of packing up everything you own and moving it to a new place. One thing that can make the process smoother is having the right moving supplies on hand. From packing tape to bubble wrap, there are some essential items that you'll need to make sure your move goes off without a hitch. Take a look at the most important moving supplies you'll need and how to use them effectively.


Boxes are essential moving supplies that you'll need to pack up all of your belongings. Before buying boxes, consider the size of the items you'll be packing. Small boxes are great for books and heavy items, while larger boxes are better for bulky items like bedding and clothing. You can purchase boxes from moving companies or hardware stores, or you can ask local grocery and liquor stores for free boxes.

Packing Paper and Bubble Wrap

You'll need bubble wrap and packing paper for fragile items. Not only will they provide an added layer of protection, but they'll also keep items from shifting around during transport. Use bubble wrap for items like glassware and electronics and packing paper for smaller, delicate items like figurines and jewelry.


Packing tape is an essential item to have on hand. It'll be used to seal up boxes, secure bubble wrap, and even tape labels on boxes. Invest in quality tape to ensure a secure hold. You'll thank yourself later when you're in the midst of packing and need a tape that won't fail.


Labeling your boxes is important for an organized move-in process. You can purchase pre-printed labels or make your own. Be sure to label boxes with the contents inside, the room they belong to, and whether they're fragile. This will help you prioritize which boxes to unbox first and where they go in your new home.

Hand Truck or Dolly

A hand truck or dolly is an essential moving supply, especially if you have big, bulky items like a fridge, couch, or dresser. It'll save you a lot of heavy lifting and keep your items safe and secure during transport. You can rent or purchase a hand truck or dolly from your local hardware store or moving company.

Moving can be a challenging time, but having the right moving supplies is half the battle. From sturdy boxes to labels and packing tape, there are many crucial supplies you'll need. With the right tools on hand, you can make your move stress-free and enjoy your new home.

Contact a local company to learn more about moving supplies.