5 Pieces Of Equipment Your Professional Movers Come Armed With

One of the best reasons to hire professional movers rather than attempting a DIY move is that they will come armed with the right equipment. What are some of these valuable tools and equipment you should expect to see when you hire a moving team? Here are a few things to ask about and why.

1. Hand Trucks. Their name might be unfamiliar, but hand trucks are common professional moving equipment. These come in a few different varieties for lighter work and heavier work, but they generally consist of a straight back with handles, two wheels, and a short flat base. Few homeowners own hand trucks, so a DIY move usually means renting them yourself or risking physical harm. The hand truck inherently reduces your liability and everyone's risk of injury. 

2. Moving Pads. Protecting all your larger goods through the use of soft padding is essential for preventing damage throughout the transportation process. But is a moving pad — a large specially-made blanket — really that important as a moving tool? Yes. While some household linens can serve as pads, the moving pad is large enough to safely envelop entire pieces of furniture and you never have to worry about getting it dirty. 

3. Dollies. Dollies are often mistaken for hand trucks, but they serve a slightly different purpose. These flat platforms with four wheels and a horizontal base move heavy, large, fragile, and bulky items safely. Without them, you'll need many people to safely move your largest items — tying up resources and making the job more hazardous for every amateur involved. 

4. Ratchet Straps. The average homeowner may or may not own ratchet straps. A simple and time-honored system of combining a belt-like strap with a crank ratchet to tighten it safely, the ratchet strap keeps things firmly in place. They are sturdy and reliable, corralling even the largest load both inside the truck and keeping grouped items together. Without ratchet straps, you may find your pull-out sofa coming apart while driving down the freeway. 

5. Assembly Tool Kit. Have you already packed your tool box? Probably so, but that could cause an unwelcome surprise challenge on moving day. Small tool kits mean you can disassemble and reassemble furniture, make small repairs, remove electrical items safely, and disconnect things from walls and each other. Make sure your movers will arrive armed with a handy tool kit. 

Where to Learn More

Want to know more about what's in the toolkit of professional movers and how each item contributes to safety, efficiency, and protection? Meet with professional movers in your area today to learn more about how these tools assist with residential moving.