3 Crucial Tips For Hassle-Free Long-Distance Moving

Are you looking to move across the country to your new job? One of the biggest concerns will be how to move your home to your new destination. Long-distance moving requires good planning and the help of a professional mover. Since it is rarely possible to relocate your home entirely to your new location, there are hard decisions to make. There are also safety concerns about your valuable assets. How can you pull off a long-distance move successfully?

Plan 3 Months Ahead 

You should plan at least three months ahead unless it is necessary. Long-distance moving is a major life event for you and your family. You will start to create a new home, meet new people, and experience a new culture.

Ensure that everything at the other end is set and that the house is ready, and you can get quick access to it. The next step is to look for long-distance movers who can take the job. Explain what you need to move and when you need to move. Ideally, plan your move when it is off season (summer for many areas). You should also discuss storage in case the trip takes several days. 

Get Moving Estimates 

You should invite a representative of the long-distance movers to make in-house estimates. It enables a visual assessment of the items to move to give the movers an estimate to work with. It also avoids last-minute misunderstandings on moving charges.

If the estimates are too high, make hard decisions on what to take and leave behind. There is no need to carry replaceable items like plants, furniture, old appliances, and electronics. However, compare the price of replacement against the moving charges you want to cut down. You should also know what items your movers can and can't carry.

One solution would be to hold a garage sale to get cash for these items. It is also an opportunity to say goodbyes to neighbors and friends before long-distance moving.  

Plan for Packing 

Packing is probably the hardest task, whether doing a local move or long distance moving. It is advisable to start packing three or two weeks before the moving date. You could start with items that you rarely use. Engage your long-distance movers in this process. Ask if they provide packing materials and at what charge. You should ask about packing help for valuable assets like rare art or expensive electronics. It enables you to determine if you need extra resources on the moving day. 

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